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Born and raised in the hotel, the fourth generation of the Bettega family and the protector of this century-old hotel tradition. You will often see him in his office concentrating on a thousand things to ensure the smooth running of the establishment, which is why he is the driving force behind this complicated venture. His greatest asset may be his problem-solving ability as he always goes out of his way to do everything he can to solve a problem. A fan of off-road driving, hi-tech and mountain-biking, he knows Molveno and the surrounding area like the back of his hand and will be able to answer any questions you may have. If you ask him, he’s always happy to recount the story of his family, of which he is immensely proud!


Always smiling, you will see her constantly on the move to make sure that everything is as it should be. Delightfully meticulous, sunny, cheerful and outgoing, she is passionate about wine (her modestly precludes her from admitting that she is a member of the Italian Sommelier Association) and is always happy to recommend a good bottle and guide your taste buds on a journey of discovery of the local area. She also has a romantic side and loves to plan and organise wedding receptions and special events down to the smallest detail. She likes to see how the surrounding nature changes with the turning of the seasons. She always has her camera to hand and takes pleasure from simple beauty. That’s why she’s the beating heart of the hotel’s social media output, responsible for both the text and the photos.


Their baby, will always flash you a smile as that is the only wonderful thing he can do for the time being.
You might sometimes see him around the hotel with his bike.
If you see any toy cars left lying around and unattended, they probably belong to him.

Besides looking after our guests, which is the driving force behind everything we do, we also like to look after our staff. We hold all of our members of staff extremely dear; true hospitality professionals who do everything in their power to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that the show always goes on.
It’s not always easy to find reliable staff but many come back year after year and have now become permanent and key members of the team. The road will be long, but we have set ambitious goals and projects and we are in no doubt that this important hotel tradition will continue to grow thanks to the dedication and passion that we see every day.

Our values


People are very important to us, whether that be our guests, staff or suppliers.
We firmly believe that positive relationships stem from positive attitudes and behaviour, and that we can only be enriched by the coming together of diverse cultures and ideas.

We believe in education and smiling, in always saying thank you and in kindness.
We believe in the respect that everyone should have for one another.
We humbly put ourselves on the line as we try to give our all, and we are constantly looking to improve to offer even better service to our guests. We don’t like arrogance or rudeness.


We are strong believers in dialogue and in shaking hands.
We know we’re not perfect and any constructive criticism will help us to improve.

We believe in the power of words as a tool for understanding and developing thoughts and ideas.
We keep our word and we hope that others will do the same with us.


We attach great importance to historical memory. Our roots are important as they give us a sense of place, direct us along the right path and represent a desire not to forget what came before and to remember and find continuity with the past.

For us, the moment is the present in continuous evolution, it is the strength, it is the enthusiasm that we instil in anyone who enters our home, it is the proactive attitude that we put into our work every day. They are the emotions.

Desires are the goals for the future. We are always curious and hungry for knowledge, with a desire to better understand our guests and their needs. We desire to keep doing things better and to continue growing. Some of our projects may be a little ambitious but it costs nothing to dream and we have decided to continue on this path.

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News & events at the hotel

We would like to keep you up-to-date about Molveno’s latest news and events. We’ll also share with you the secret to a truly unique and special holiday in Molveno. Why not try it?

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If you want to be pampered and are looking for a family-run hotel surrounded by nature and all the benefits it offers, the Grand Hotel Molveno is for you!

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