Grand Hotel Molveno

The hotel & its atmosphere

The hotel & its atmosphere

The hotel’s interior ...
blends seamlessly with its setting.

Natural materials

The use of wood and stone mimics the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains and lake.
Thanks to generous green spaces and large windows, the light and the fresh air combine to create a living space in perfect harmony with nature.

Tradition and modernity, simplicity and attention to detail will make you feel at home during your stay at Molveno, right on the shores of Italy’s most beautiful lake.

Our recently renovated lobby is the ideal place to make the most of the heat, read a book or relax with friends, while in the winter it makes for a cosy retreat to warm up around the fireplace

Our two-hectare park offers refuge from the heat of the summer sun and is the perfect place to go for a walk and take in the stunning scenery.

Comfortable spaces

Thanks to its huge windows, our restaurant at Molveno is bathed in natural light and offers spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. Why not enjoy lunch or dinner in a relaxing and romantic atmosphere where nature itself takes centre stage.

The magical ambience of the bar terrace, where you can enjoy our delicious breakfast, is guaranteed thanks to the unbeatable views of Lake Molveno, the town and the imposing Brenta Dolomites. What better way to enjoy the spectacle of the light from the town reflecting off the lake than with an aperitif at sunset or a digestif after dinner?

The retro yet elegant atmosphere of our “Belle Époque” bar is open from 7:30 to 23:00 every day and offers the perfect setting to enjoy good company and background music and try some authentic Trentino grappa.


News & events at the hotel

We would like to keep you up-to-date about Molveno’s latest news and events. We’ll also share with you the secret to a truly unique and special holiday in Molveno. Why not try it?

Dove siamo

Grand Hotel Molveno
Via Bettega, 18 - 38018 Molveno ( TN )
Tel. +39 0461 586934 / 0461 1637207 - Fax. +39 0461 586176

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If you want to be pampered and are looking for a family-run hotel surrounded by nature and all the benefits it offers, the Grand Hotel Molveno is for you!

Respirando aria buona.
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Cartoline da Molveno.
Oggi avremmo dovuto aprire la stagione estiva 2020 con un matrimonio per noi un po più speciale...un nostro ex collaboratore Andrea si sarebbe dovuto sposare con Anna! Abbiamo, purtroppo per tutti, dovuto spostare la pensiamo a loro, al sole di oggi e al cielo azzuro! Ci stiamo preparando per garantire ai nostri ospiti un soggiorno in totale sicurezza. Vi aggiorneremo al più presto! #grandhotelmolveno #molveno #molvenolake #molvenosee #dolomiti #dolomites #lagodimolveno #trentino #azzurro #natura #landscape #landscapephotography #sole #maggio #nature #naturephotography #naturelovers
Dopo la pioggia.
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Mai come in questi giorni pensiamo a cosa ci riserverà il futuro, a come si evolverà la situazione nell’ ambito #turistico . Ipotizziamo quando e con quali vincoli potremo riaprire il nostro albergo ,coadiuvati dai nostri collaboratori , per riabbracciare voi e nuove persone. Non vi neghiamo le nostre preoccupazioni e immaginiamo che siano le stesse di tutti per quanto riguarda le varie situazioni lavorative. Dopo la salute, condizione più importante in assoluto, arriva il lavoro. Oggi il cielo sopra Molveno ha questo colore. Speriamo che sia di buon auspicio per il futuro. Vi pensiamo e vi auguriamo tantissimi auguri di Buona Pasqua 🐣. In these days we are thinking about what will future bring and about how the situation in turism will evolve. We are trying to figure out when and with what constrains we will be able to re-open the hotel , assisted by our collaborators in order to welcome all of you and new guests. 
We can’t deny our concerns about what will come and we imagine you are feeling the same about private life and work. 
Today the sky above Molveno has this color.  Hopefully it means good luck for the future.  We think of you and wish you many happy Easter wishes 🐣
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La famiglia Bettega si è allargata: il 
2 marzo è arrivato il piccolo Ascanio💙Approfittiamo di questa bella notizia per ringraziare i nostri cari ospiti che si stanno preoccupando per noi e con noi. Ci chiedete come stiamo e come evolverà la situazione lavorativa. Noi stiamo bene e speriamo con tutto il cuore di poter ripartire presto le porte del nostro albergo. Vi pensiamo e siamo ottimisti. Ci auguriamo con tutto il cuore che anche voi e le vostre famiglie possiate superare in salute questo brutto periodo.  The Bettega family has become bigger: on the the 2nd of March the little Ascanio💙 arrived. In this moment of happiness we would like to thank our dear guests who are worrying about us and about the general situation. You ask us how we are and how the working situation will evolve.  We are doing well and we wholeheartedly hope to be able to re-open the doors of our hotel as soon as possible. We think about you too and are optimistic about the future. We sincerely hope that you and your families can overcome this bad period in health.
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Risvegli invernali! Ieri una bella nevicata #snow #trentino #lagodimolveno #dolomitidibrenta
Is it the top or the bottom to be real? #upsidedown

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